About the Graminator

Trading is not easy. Getting into it can be even more difficult, and once you're in it, you understand the risky propositions you must then deal with.

Meet Graminator. While it's impossible to take away the risk that is simply a part of what the market is, it's not impossible to arm people with essential information and the ability to sharpen their skills as traders.

This comes from the focus on principles such as straightforward usability, education, security, and platform independence.

What Led to the Graminator Platform’s Development

Graminator’s areas of focus directly result from its reason for existing in the first place. In looking at what the crypto market was, there was a lot to understand, and it took quite a bit to become an experienced trader.

Just being able to make sense of certain kinds of informational insights was a chore. So, a team of people who became experts themselves by having to navigate that tedious path decided they wanted to make it easier for those who wished to enter the market in the future.

Graminator was developed as a means to that end. However, there was no desire to leave more experienced traders out of the mix. Therefore, the mission became to support beginners on their journey to becoming experts while creating an environment that was comfortable for existing experts.

What Kind of People Comprise the Team?

The small team comprises three sets of people. First, there are those with the vision who are expert traders in the cryptocurrency market, so much so that they can simplify all they know for others.

Next, there is the small development team, responsible for putting Graminator as a trading platform together.

Finally, there is the quality assurance person, ensuring that the experience delivered aligns with the one that is intended.

The Team’s Future Intentions

As it stands, the team simply plans to maintain Graminator, ensuring that it consistently remains relevant based on new trading practices, security standards, etc.